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         Yangzhong tong yu fluorine plastic products co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery water garden yangzhong city,Is a collection of scientific research、Production、As one of the enterprises。Company existing staff200More than one,Has the fixed asset800Ten thousand yuan,Management place5000Square meters,In recent years, enterprises under the new and old users of concern and support,Bold technical reform,Two prosperous production and sales all kinds of products,Companies continue to grow stronger。For many years been rated for this purpose“The contract,Keep good faith”The municipal civilized unit,Star enterprise。And in the company2005The annual passISO9001-2000Quality management system certification,And in strict accordance with the standards。
        Enterprise culture construction is the important content of modern enterprise development,Is the important embodiment of spiritual civilization,Is an important guarantee for enterprise to long-term development。In recent years, yangzhong tong yu fluorine plastic products co., LTD., relying on the enterprise culture construction,To improve the staff's work enthusiasm,The enhancement enterprise cohesion,Promote the management of the enterprise、Image、Reached the standard of modern enterprise service and environment。
        Respect of customer when you open this product introduction,Can you get satisfactory products。Our company strictly follow and support enterprise management objective sincere cooperation with users。

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Yangzhong tong yu fluorine plastic products co., LTD

The name of the company:Yangzhong tong yu fluorine plastic products co., LTD

The ground The address: Yangzhong, jiangsu province development zone eternal way898Number(Taiping temple in the west)

The electricity Words:0511-88219188/13305298666/18305288383

Pass The true: 0511-88338948

Sales calls:0511-88219122/88219133/88219155/88219166

Financial call:0511-88219166   Mail Box:jstyfs@126.com

Net The address: www.shirijiao.cn    www.jstyfs.com 

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