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  • 2019-07-18Mr ZhangHubei xianningVilla405Square metersThe central air conditioning+Floor heatingDoor model figure has been uploaded
  • 2019-06-16Mr ZouFThe worldTownhouse350Square metersThe central air conditioning+The hot water+Floor heatingDoor model figure has been uploaded
  • 2019-06-08Ms. ChenYellowstoneVilla326Square metersGroup-buying villa ground source heat pumpDoor model figure has been uploaded
  • 2019-05-20Mr Jia Country garden hot springsShuangpin villa420Square metersGround source heat pump Fresh air Clean waterDoor model figure has been uploaded
  • 2019-05-06Ms liaoVanke west peninsulaVilla380Square metersThe central air conditioning+Cb linkageDoor model figure has been uploaded
  • 2019-04-15Mr QinWuhan plate of liuzhouTownhouse450Square metersThe central air conditioning The hot water Fresh air Clean waterDoor model figure has been uploaded
  • 2019-03-26FengYingShanThe resort3000mWater source heat pumpDoor model figure has been uploaded
Home land source heat pump
  • Villa ground source heat pump trigeneration systems
Commercial ground source heat pump
The United States york air source heat pump system
  • Trane ground source heat pump central air-conditioning
The bad air source heat pump system


Connie's g water purification in the United States
  • The United StatesGEThe central water purification system
GEWater purification system


Its fresh air
  • Its new air circulating system
The fresh air system

More and moreSuccessful cases


  • Entrepreneurship farm ground source heat pump case
  • Ink qinghua villa ground source heat pump system
  • Lacus somniorum xiang county chengyang district45AGround source heat pump
  • Coastal villas air source heat pump in the future

Zhang Jie03Month05Day 10:26Have an appointment

325㎡Villa building surface ground source heat pump system-air conditione+Floor heating+Domestic hot water

The song always03Month20Day 10:33Have an appointment

418㎡York central air conditioning+Floor heating

Choi04Month08Day 14:40Have an appointment

The American west luxury ground source heat pump system+The hot water+Marina, water purification system

Chen04Month12Day 16:42Have an appointment

360㎡Single-family villas, ground source heat pump system+Heating engineering

Zhou Jie04Month22Day 14:53Have an appointment

320㎡Air source heat pump central air-conditioning+The hot water

The total field04Month29Day 19:55Have an appointment

368㎡Mr Nick we host ground source heat pump system+Floor heating+300LFanny hot water

Mr.wu05Month06Day 15:01Have an appointment

450㎡Ground source heat pump system-Good host+York wind plate+Heating+Fresh air

The total05Month08Day 16:03Have an appointment

Air source heat pump system-Mr Nick's host+Heating+Domestic hot water

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